Pear it up!


Pear it up! Rediscover the buttery, juicy and aromatic pear fruit.

Have you noticed its pear season? What a great time to rediscover this delicious fruits!

Native from the coastal and mildly temperate regions of Western Europe, North Africa East right across to Asia we can also find this sweet fruit produced in Canada.

The Canadian pear
In Canada, commercial pear production is limited to regions with a mild winter climate, including the Okanagan Valley, BC; southern Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

The most important variety that is marketed fresh, as canned halves and baby food.


Anjou & Bosc
These varieties are marketed only as fresh fruits. Advantage: the Anjou variety is available all year with the use of controlled-atmosphere storage methods.

Did you know? Canada produces around 9000 tons of pears a year! Impressive.

What can you do with pears?
Anything you would bake with an apple, you can do with a pear. And to inspire you, here are a few of my favorites (just replace the main fruits with pears!):

Enjoy your sweet, local and pear-y treat!

Valerie Guillot

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