What to do with your old peppers hanging out in your fridge?


What to do with your old peppers hanging out in your fridge?

We all have good intentions when buying peppers. I get it, looking all gorgeous, full of colors and radiant in that fresh section, but let’s face it; most of them end up shrivelled at the bottom of out fridge. What to do, what to do…

Amazing things is what we are going to do! No more throwing away those peppers – here are some easy-peasy recipes for any peppers lover in your life (include you):


  • Grill them until the outside skin is burned, let them cool and peel the burnt skin off completely. This will give you a versatile ingredient for many recipes, for example:

Roasted pepper soup: Throw some peppers in a blender with small grilled onions, roasted garlic, a ½ cup of vegetable bouillon and salt and pepper. Add a touch a cream for a smoother twist. Freeze for a cold autumn evening.

Roasted pepper couscous: Cut the peppers into small pieces and add to couscous with ingredients you have on hand like tomatoes, celery, onions, cucumbers, lemon juice, olive oil, fresh herbs, etc. Ready in 10 minutes.

Roasted pepper compote: Cut roasted pepper in slices. Gently warm up 1 teaspoon of curry, paprika and turmeric powder over medium-high heat and mix in the roasted peppers with some olive oil. This easy made spread can be served on top of any meat, rice, potato or enjoyed as is.

Have a peppery recipe to share? Click right here and talk to me.

Enjoy the pepper-abundant harvest season,


Valerie Guillot

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