May the season of abundance begin!



Aaaah, my favorite food season. May the season of abundance begin!

From one season to the next, we hope to find the tranquility and peace the summer warmth washes over our heart and soul. At the core of every breeze, the smell and softness that invades our Canadian lives announces a season of abundance. I love this season.
This year for me, will be different. Having recently lost my father to a courageous fight of 4 years against cancer, I have since decided to simplify my life. Like REALLY simplify my life. Everything from A to Z.
Not only what I eat, but also my view of life – what is important and what is not (anymore). In this fresh BBQ season arriving upon us, I share with you my favorites BBQ recipes (because I LOVE BBQ), and a quick note for the girls who do not dare to BBQ on their own…because you believe that only guys can excel on the BBQ. So girl, here’s a short 101 course:

  1. Unscrew the propane tank to allow the gas to get to the BBQ with proper handle (you cannot miss it).
  2. Turn the igniters to “high” and press the red button (the spark that will light up the BBQ. Note, you can also use a lighter or match via the openings on the side). There, the BBQ is on and happening.
  3. Allow to reheat for 5 to 7 minutes depending on what you are preparing (what you are cooking and how you like it), don’t hesitate to look into inspiring recipes that will support you in your new BBQ experience – and start the experience with the confidence of the guys enjoying their beer around the BBQ. Because you deserve it.
  4. Remove everything from the grill once ready. Close lighters to extinguish flames. Once extinguished, screw to close the propane tank to prevent leakage. Take a few seconds to brush your grill to help it stay clean for the next time.
  5. Enjoy with great pride.

And voilà! Here is a quick link of my favorite recipes (ok, dated from 2013, but the recipes are so yummy, that doesn’t go out of style), I sincerely encourage you to use your imagination and creativity. I also invite you to look out for local markets in your area (see my other blog on public markets for freshness at its best) to fully enjoy the season of abundance and freshness.


Happy eating,

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