Welcome to my food world !

After many years working as a marketer in the food industry and creating gastronomic meals for the lucky ones I love, my passion for good food, simple ingredients and a return to basics is what it’s all about.

Having grown up on a farm and harvesting our own fruits and vegetables, I cherish most of all those great moments shared around a table where homemade goodness could be found. Come celebrate with me the awesomeness of good simple food and let’s start fresh, right here!

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May the season of abundance begin!

  Aaaah, my favorite food season. May the season of abundance begin! From one season to the next, we hope to find the tranquility and peace the summer warmth washes over our heart and soul. At the core of every breeze, the smell and softness that invades our Canadian lives announces a season of abundance. I […]


Canning: for a last minute supper (and holiday gifts)

  Canning: for a last minute supper (and holiday gifts) I know, I know. I’m late in the canning season, and with all the blogs and articles raving about harvest time a few weeks ago, I may have missed the window of opportunity. Or have I? I may be late for harvest, but I’m early […]


Harvest season and abundance, what to do with all the veggies?

Harvest season and abundance, what to do with all the veggies? Grill it! There is sincerely nothing better than fresh grilled veggies. Have you tried? So tasty and simple to make! Even if you don’t own a BBQ, you can pop these babies in the oven for a new unique twist on old favorites. Add […]


Pear it up!

Pear it up! Rediscover the buttery, juicy and aromatic pear fruit. Have you noticed its pear season? What a great time to rediscover this delicious fruits! Native from the coastal and mildly temperate regions of Western Europe, North Africa East right across to Asia we can also find this sweet fruit produced in Canada. The […]


What to do with your old peppers hanging out in your fridge?

What to do with your old peppers hanging out in your fridge? We all have good intentions when buying peppers. I get it, looking all gorgeous, full of colors and radiant in that fresh section, but let’s face it; most of them end up shrivelled at the bottom of out fridge. What to do, what […]


Impress your guests with your new version of bruschetta

Impress your guests with your version of bruschetta Bruschetta has always had a special place in my life. It’s quick and easy to make an amazing bruschetta with ingredients you have on hand. I challenge you to impress your guests with your own version. To really make an impression and make your life easier, use […]

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End of summer savouring & chilling, as abundance arrives

End of summer savouring & chilling as abundance arrives After almost a year away from Le Food Box, my soul came back fuller and wiser. Not able to let go of my mission and passion for good, simple food, I decided to start over with a much simpler approach. My apologies for taking so much […]